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How We Can Help You Find The Perfect Solar Carport Installers

At Business Solar UK, we help our customers find the perfect solar panel installers for them whilst saving them time and money by comparing only the best installers local to them. No matter if it’s a solar PV system or solar carports canopies. That means, if your business is hoping to install solar car ports for customers or employees to charge their electric cars, you can find the perfect installation company through us. We match you based on a few different criteria:

  • What you’re looking for (in this case, commercial solar carports)
  • The installer’s reputation
  • Both of your locations
  • And where you can make the most savings


As soon as we’ve found a few matches for you, we can send you over their details, and you can decide which solar carport installation company is right for you.

What Are Commercial Solar Carports?

A solar car port at your business serves two main purposes.

The first is that it acts as a shelter for cars parked in your car park, providing an extra sense of security. The standalone steel structure will also last for many years to come, making it a smart investment for the future.

And the second main purpose is that the solar panels on top of the structure can generate renewable energy from the sun, which you can then use in a number of ways depending on what you want to achieve:

  1. Use the energy yourself to power your business and help bring energy bills down
  2. Sell the energy back to energy suppliers through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)
  3. Use the energy to charge an electric fleet of company vehicles, reducing costs
  4. Sell the energy to customers by turning your commercial solar carport into an electric vehicle (EV) charging port
  5. Use the solar panels on the roof spaces of carports to offer electric vehicle charging and help customers and visitors reduce their carbon footprint


Whichever you choose, there’s no denying that commercial solar carports can help your business in a number of ways.

How Commercial Solar Carports Benefit Your Business

Increase Your Business Energy Generation 

With commercial solar carports, you can dramatically increase the amount of electricity generated on site. If you’re already making use of industrial solar panels for your business’ energy needs, then commercial solar carports can expand your capacity. 

Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

An increase in your energy capacity means less reliance on energy suppliers for your business energy needs, and ultimately more savings for you. 

Earn Money By Selling Your Solar Energy 

In addition to your energy bill savings, you can also earn money by selling the solar energy that’s generated by your solar carports. Sell it to customers or employees to charge their electric vehicles, or else sell it back to the national grid via the SEG. 

Reduce Reliance On Less Sustainable Energy Sources 

The more you rely on green energy like solar, the less your business will turn to traditional energy sources which cost more, are worse for the environment, and increase the carbon emissions of your business. Switch to solar, and enjoy cheaper, greener energy and show off your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and green credentials.

Improve Customer, Employee, And Visitor Experiences

In today’s world, everything boils down to ‘the experience’. Solar carports keep visitors sheltered on rainy days, can be used to charge electric vehicles if you decide to install the charge points, protect cars, and look great, too, increasing the visual appeal of what is a typically boring, unproductive space: your business car park. The more convenient you can make your car park to those on your site, the happier they’ll be, and the more likely it is that they’ll return.

Which Businesses Are A Solar Carport Installation Suitable for?

Almost any business can benefit from commercial solar carports. Whether it’s for customers, employees, or visitors to your site, there’s a way for them to benefit everybody. Customers can benefit from secure parking and EV charge points, if you choose to go down that route. Employees can benefit from EV charge points or company vehicles charged on site in carports that are reliable. And visitors will be impressed by your forward-thinking business and green actions for the future. 

Some typical business premises that might choose to install solar commercial carports on site are: 

  • Warehouses 

  • Factories 

  • Offices 

  • Multi storey car parks 

  • Supermarkets 

  • Restaurants 

  • Shopping centres 

  • Farms 

  • Transport sites 

  • Hospitals 

  • Schools 

  • Public attractions 

  • And much more besides!

Some of the Solar PV Suppliers We Compare

Our Commercial Solar Packages

We provide bespoke system designs for every business, based upon your energy usage and rooftop availability. To give you an idea of the savings and cost of a system, the below are some of our common system sizes.

50.1kW Solar PV System

Ideal for office buildings

Save £10,561 per year

From £45,000

110.1kW Solar PV System

Ideal for warehouse buildings

Save £23,396 per year

From £96,300

250.7kW Solar PV System

Ideal for manufacturing plants

Save £53,275 per year

From £212,500

501.4kW Solar PV System

Ideal for distribution centres

Save £106,549 per year

From £418,600

All savings are based upon a solar generation yield of 850kWh/kWp installed per annum, with usage of 71.43% of solar energy generated, assuming a 35p/kWh electricity import rate. Savings may change year on year dependent upon weather conditions, energy prices and system degradation in line with warrantied output.

How Much Do Solar Commercial Carports Cost UK?

It’s difficult to say exactly how much your solar commercial carport installation will cost, mainly because they range so much in their size, and each business will need a different sized carport to suit the number of car parking spaces you would like to be covered by the carport. The price can then also be affected by the exact solar panels that are installed on the carport, labour costs, and the cost of materials. 

However, as a general rule, on average, solar commercial carports cost £900-£1400/kWp to install. 

For a true estimate, fill out our form today, and we’ll put you in touch with local commercial solar carport installers who can provide you with quotes for you to compare, so you always get a great deal when you find your solar carport installer through us.

Why Choose Business Solar UK?

Working with us couldn’t be simpler. You fill out a quick form with us to explain your business and its energy needs. We’ll then present you with a range of options that match your requirements. You pick which commercial solar carport installer you would like to work with, and then we connect the two of you so you can get started on your project right away.

Why should you trust Business Solar UK to handle that for you? Because we:

  • Save you time
  • Save you money thanks to our comparison tools
  • Put you in contact with commercial solar installers in your local area
  • Ensure you’re working with only the best businesses


When you work with us, we handle all the comparison work for you, and then you just get to pick the best available installer that’s close to you. So contact us today if you’re ready to get started!

How it works
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3. We connect

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We save you on average 24% when investing into Solar for your organisation.

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Solar Carports FAQs

Yes, you’ll typically need planning permission for solar carports because it’s a large standalone structure on your business car park, and it almost certainly will affect the surrounding area in terms of how it looks and fits in. 

Receiving planning permission ought to be easy enough, though, as a solar carport installation is usually looked upon favourably thanks to the renewable energy it supplies and carbon emissions it reduces. Your solar installer should be able to advise on the planning permission process when we connect you with them. 

Solar commercial carports will typically last for 25+ years, since the only lifespan concern is the solar PV system themselves (the steel structure will last beyond this without issue). 

Opt for more durable solar panels on top of your carport, though, and the solar PV panels may last for 40 years or more depending on how well maintained they are. 

Yes, the Workplace Charging Scheme is currently open to businesses, charities, and public sector organisations that meet certain criteria. The scheme aims to help businesses with support towards the upfront cost of purchasing and installing EV charge points – which can cover part of the cost of your solar carport installation if you opt for them.

You would need to check with your specific commercial solar carport installer, but there are a few additional extras that are common on solar carports:

  • CCTV

  • Branding on the carports themselves 

  • EV charging points

  • LED lighting 

  • Solar battery storage

  • And more! 

Does this apply to your business?


Your business is keen to reduce electricity bills


Your business wants to produce its own energy


Your business wants to be seen as more eco-friendly.


Your business owns the premises with your own roof space

Brands using Solar Power

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Salisbury Cathedral

Prodrive Motorsport

Marks & Spencer

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How can I pay for Solar?

When it comes to commercial solar, there are a few ways to purchase your system, we’ll help to guide you through your options.


Using the Annual Investment Allowance, you can deduct the cost of your system against corporation tax.

Asset Financing

Spread the cost with asset financing and use your bill savings to pay off your annual loan repayments

Outright Purchase

Purchase your system outright, for the best return on investment

Find your local

Solar Business Fund Partner

We save you on average 24% when investing into Solar for your organisation.

We will check if you qualify for any incentives or grants

Match to a local company keen to help you start saving