Solar Panels For Factories.

Opt for solar panels for factories and save big on energy bills and make your operations more efficient.

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Keen to reduce your schools electricity bills

Want to reduce reliance on the energy grid

Want to be seen as a more eco-friendly school

Want to harness the power of the sun

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How Going Solar Can Help Your Business

Factories are surprisingly well adapted to solar panels. With plenty of roof space and high energy demands, your factory is perfect for a large solar panel system that can reduce your reliance on the National Grid and save you money on your energy bills each year. 


These savings mean your solar panels will eventually pay for themselves. But what other reasons are there for going solar at factories?


Corporate Social Responsibility

Whether it’s creating a sustainable product or creating products sustainably, there’s no denying that consumers favour businesses who operate in a greener way. When you take responsibility as a business for the way you operate, your green credentials will impress those who matter most to you: your end customers.

Increased Energy Security

Power cuts to a factory can be operation ending. Being at the mercy of the National Grid isn’t fun, so if you want to take back your energy security and ensure your business can carry on as normal even with power issues in your area, then solar panels can help.

Beat Rising Costs

Business overheads are already high for a factory. Energy bills especially. Solar PV panels can help cut those overheads by a HUGE amount. As energy bills rise and fall seemingly on a whim, your business will be in control thanks to the energy you’ll be producing, for free, on site.

Increased Profits

Not all factories will opt for a solar panel system that can cover all of their energy needs – but plenty will. If you generate 100% of your energy on site, then you save 100% on the energy bills you currently pay for. Those savings can go straight into business profits, making your business more successful.

More Energy = More Savings

The more energy you use, the more savings you’ll make. As a factory with huge energy demands, you’ll save more than most businesses by opting for solar panels. 

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Working with Business Solar UK couldn’t be simpler. You fill out a quick form letting us know about your business and your energy needs. We then present you with a range of packages that are suitable for your business. After that, you take a look at the local installers we work with and decide who is best for you, and then we connect the two of you. 

The whole process saves you time and money, because we only work with installers with a proven track record and a glowing reputation for commercial solar work installing solar panels at factories. 


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Some of the Solar PV Suppliers We Compare

Solar Panels For Factories FAQs:

It’s difficult to say exactly how many panels you’ll need because it all depends on:


  • Your annual energy requirements 
  • The power output of the solar panels in your system
  • Your available roof space
  • How much of your energy requirements you’d like to be covered by your solar panels


However, a standard commercial solar package we’ve often seen offered to warehouses and factories in the past are 110kW solar PV systems made up of 202 x 545W solar panels. But this is only an example. We’ll need to learn more about your energy requirements to give you an accurate idea about what size solar PV system you’ll need. 

Again, this depends on the system you install and your solar energy requirements. If we stick with the 110kW solar system example given above, then you could expect prices to start from £96,300. 


Of course, this isn’t cheap, but you’ll be expected to make savings of over £23,000 per year in energy bill savings with this solar PV system, so it could pay for itself in just over 4 years in savings. As a successful business owner, you’ll know that’s a great return on investment.

If you’re installing solar panels on your factory roof then you won’t typically need planning permission as it’s considered within permitted development. 


Although unlikely, if your factory is a listed building or on part of a world heritage site, then you will need to seek planning permission. You’ll also need planning permission if your solar panels are to be ground mounted, rather than mounted on your factory roof.

Some of the Solar PV Suppliers We Compare

Our Commercial Solar Packages

We provide bespoke system designs for every business, based upon your energy usage and rooftop availability. To give you an idea of the savings and cost of a system, the below are some of our common system sizes.

50.1kW Solar PV System

Ideal for office buildings

Save £10,561 per year

From £45,000

110.1kW Solar PV System

Ideal for warehouse buildings

Save £23,396 per year

From £96,300

250.7kW Solar PV System

Ideal for manufacturing plants

Save £53,275 per year

From £212,500

501.4kW Solar PV System

Ideal for distribution centres

Save £106,549 per year

From £418,600

All savings are based upon a solar generation yield of 850kWh/kWp installed per annum, with usage of 71.43% of solar energy generated, assuming a 35p/kWh electricity import rate. Savings may change year on year dependent upon weather conditions, energy prices and system degradation in line with warrantied output.

How it works
With just a few simple steps, we’ll suggest the right solar package for you and your business…
1. You answer

A few questions about your business and your solar energy needs.

2. You pick

A solar package that is tailored to your business needs.

3. We connect

We connect you with local installers and any available grants to you.

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Solar Business Fund Partner

We save you on average 24% when investing into Solar for your organisation.

We will check if you qualify for any incentives or grants

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Does this apply to your business?


Your business is keen to reduce electricity bills


Your business wants to produce its own energy


Your business wants to be seen as more eco-friendly.


Your business owns the premises with your own roof space

Brands using Solar Power

Example Commercial Solar Projects

Salisbury Cathedral

Prodrive Motorsport

Marks & Spencer

Be Energy Bill Smart

in 2023

Save massively on your electricity bills when you invest in solar.

How can I pay for Solar?

When it comes to commercial solar, there are a few ways to purchase your system, we’ll help to guide you through your options.


Using the Annual Investment Allowance, you can deduct the cost of your system against corporation tax.

Asset Financing

Spread the cost with asset financing and use your bill savings to pay off your annual loan repayments

Outright Purchase

Purchase your system outright, for the best return on investment

Find your local

Solar Business Fund Partner

We save you on average 24% when investing into Solar for your organisation.

We will check if you qualify for any incentives or grants

Match to a local company keen to help you start saving