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How Business Solar UK Can Help

By making an enquiry with us today, you’ll be able to compare local solar panel installers in your area that specialise in industrial solar panels for large-scale businesses just like yours.  If you’re hoping to rely more on renewable energy for your business needs and to help save on energy bills, then we can put you in contact with solar panel installers that are ready to get started ASAP! Work with us today, and you’ll save time and money whilst we match you with local industrial solar panel installers based on:

  • What you’re looking for (in this case, industrial solar panels for your large-scale business)
  • The installer’s reputation
  • Both of your locations
  • And where you can make the most savings


After that, we’ll put you in touch with one of our MCS Certified solar installer partners, and you can start working together as soon as you’re ready. 

Which Large-Scale Businesses Are Industrial Solar Panels Suitable For?

Industrial solar panels are suitable for a range of businesses, but they differ slightly from commercial solar panels because they skew towards businesses with larger premises. Any business operating in the following sectors will likely have premises large enough to accommodate this type of larger solar array: 

  • Food manufacturing
  • Textiles
  • Aerospace 
  • Telecom
  • Logistics 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Waste management
  • And much more besides! 

If you have a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or distribution centre with a vast, empty roof space that isn’t being utilised, then installing an industrial solar panel array just makes sense. 

How Installing Industrial Solar Panels Benefits Your Business

Energy Security

Ultimately, your business needs reliable energy to operate. And we’ve all been burned by power outages from the National Grid in the past. With your own solar PV array taking care of your energy needs, you can be confident that no matter what happens in your area, your business will keep operating, and you’ll keep making money. 

Save On Energy Bills

Most large-scale businesses requiring industrial solar panels will do a lot of their business during the daylight hours – perfect for solar panels which will produce far more electricity during the day than they will at night. And for those who carry out some operations at night, a solar battery to capture and store the energy you didn’t use in the day might suffice. You can, of course, also rely on the National Grid for some of your business needs. 

The point is, the more you rely on renewable energy for your business’ energy needs, the more money you’ll save – sometimes as much as six figures per year depending on the size of your solar panel installation and the energy needs of your business. 

Beat The Energy Price Hikes 

Energy prices are unpredictable at the best of times, but now more than ever. Relying on energy suppliers means relying on price increases and decreases that seemingly come about on a whim. Put your business in charge of its energy bills by producing free, green energy on site, and using it for your business needs. 

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

The UK is legally bound to its target of Net Zero by 2050, meaning as a nation we all need to do our bit to make our homes and businesses greener. And now you could be ahead of the curve and increase your brand reputation as a result. 

A greener business that relies on renewable energy could end up with more business, as customers, consumers, and fellow businesses look to work with and buy from businesses with a green mindset. Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for business, too. 

A Money-Making Opportunity

Not all of the energy your new industrial solar panels produce will necessarily be used by your business each day, although in an ideal world it would be. With excess energy, though, all you’ll need is a solar battery to store it, and a way to sell your excess energy back to the National Grid. For this, you’ll need to sign up to the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme, which you can only access if you have solar panels that are MCS Certified by a MCS Certified installer. 

Thankfully, Business Solar UK only partners with MCS Certified industrial solar panel installers, so you’ll be able to sign up to SEG and receive payments for the extra energy you produce that you can’t use. 

Things To Consider Before Diving Into Industrial Solar Panels

Location Commitment

Investing in solar panels means you’re investing in your business’ future, but that also means you’re making a commitment. If you’re happy with your current location for your business, then investing in industrial solar panels is a sound choice. But if you’re thinking of moving premises in the next few years, then waiting until you move might be best. That way, you get the most out of your solar panels and save as much money on energy bills as possible, potentially covering the high initial upfront cost in as little as 2.5 to 4 years. 

High Upfront Costs

If you have the capital to invest in industrial solar panels for your business right now, then it’s one of the lowest risk investments you can make for your business’ future. But we know not everybody has that money to spare, but that doesn’t mean the upfront costs need to be as prohibitive as they first appear…

How Much Will Industrial Solar Panels Cost?

Because we give you a range of options when looking at your needs, it’s difficult to give you an exact final cost. However, we do have some typical examples below that are suitable for warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centres: 



System Size

System Cost (prices from)


100kW (requiring 200 panels, typically*)


Manufacturing Plants

250kW (requiring 500 panels, typically*)


Distribution Centres

500kW (requiring 600 panels typically*)



*typically – this is due to the fact that different solar panels perform differently and therefore an exact amount of panels can’t be provided (you may need more or less than the numbers provided here) until your solar panel installers have spoken with you about your energy needs and the specific solar panels you are interested in installing

Some of the Solar PV Suppliers We Compare

Our Commercial Solar Packages

We provide bespoke system designs for every business, based upon your energy usage and rooftop availability. To give you an idea of the savings and cost of a system, the below are some of our common system sizes.

50.1kW Solar PV System

Ideal for office buildings

Save £10,561 per year

From £45,000

110.1kW Solar PV System

Ideal for warehouse buildings

Save £23,396 per year

From £96,300

250.7kW Solar PV System

Ideal for manufacturing plants

Save £53,275 per year

From £212,500

501.4kW Solar PV System

Ideal for distribution centres

Save £106,549 per year

From £418,600

All savings are based upon a solar generation yield of 850kWh/kWp installed per annum, with usage of 71.43% of solar energy generated, assuming a 35p/kWh electricity import rate. Savings may change year on year dependent upon weather conditions, energy prices and system degradation in line with warrantied output.

How Businesses Can Afford Industrial Solar Panels

Those upfront costs might put off some business owners, but there are plenty of options open to you. 

One thing we can do to help is refer you to asset finance providers to fund your system which you can then pay back over a period of 10 years. Most asset finance providers are only too happy to invest in green assets, as they know the annual energy bill savings you make can help cover the cost of your repayment plan with them with ease. 

You might also consider tax relief under the Annual Investment Allowance to reduce the upfront cost by 19%.

Are Industrial Solar Panels A Qualifying Purchase Under The Annual Investment Allowance?

Yes! The Annual Investment Allowance allows for you to claim for a range of plant or machinery purchases necessary for your business throughout the year, so long as the sum of those purchases does not exceed £1 million. And industrial solar panels qualify. 

Through this allowance, you’re able to deduct the cost of your industrial solar panel installation from your business’ annual profits. Corporation tax relief means you can minus 19% of the total upfront cost from your expenditure, meaning an industrial solar panel array costing you £166,600 would only cost £134,946, after the deductions, helping save money on your investment and making solar panels more accessible for businesses just like yours.

Why Choose Business Solar UK?

  • Saves you time
  • Reduces costs 
  • Puts you in contact with solar installers that are ready to work with you
  • You’ll work with only the best quality MCS Certified installers in your area


Click through to Compare Solar Suppliers with us today, and we’ll find you industrial solar panel installers in your area that are ready to get started ASAP.

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We save you on average 24% when investing into Solar for your organisation.

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Industrial Solar Panel FAQs:

This differs for each installation, because every industrial solar panel installation is of a different size and takes place at different locations with different requirements. But they will take multiple days typically. 

Industrial solar panels will typically last 20-25 years, but modern solar panels could last as long as 40 years if properly maintained. 

In most cases, no, as they come under ‘Permitted Development’. However, if your industrial solar panels:

  • are ground mounted
  • exceed a certain size 
  • exceed a certain height 
  • are close to the property boundary 
  • are obviously visible to others


then planning permission may be necessary. Compare Solar Suppliers with us today, and your industrial solar panel installer will be able to discuss whether your desired solar array requires planning permission or not. 

Does this apply to your business?


Your business is keen to reduce electricity bills


Your business wants to produce its own energy


Your business wants to be seen as more eco-friendly.


Your business owns the premises with your own roof space

Brands using Solar Power

Example Commercial Solar Projects

Salisbury Cathedral

Prodrive Motorsport

Marks & Spencer

Example Commercial Solar Projects

Salisbury Cathedral

Prodrive Motorsport

Marks & Spencer

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How can I pay for Solar?

When it comes to commercial solar, there are a few ways to purchase your system, we’ll help to guide you through your options.


Using the Annual Investment Allowance, you can deduct the cost of your system against corporation tax.

Asset Financing

Spread the cost with asset financing and use your bill savings to pay off your annual loan repayments

Outright Purchase

Purchase your system outright, for the best return on investment

Find your local

Solar Business Fund Partner

We save you on average 24% when investing into Solar for your organisation.

We will check if you qualify for any incentives or grants

Match to a local company keen to help you start saving