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How Business Solar UK Can Help You Secure Solar Panel Funding

Getting access to business grants of any kind is a process, and it can seem like a complicated one if you’re unfamiliar with how business grants for solar power work.

Thankfully, we here at Business Solar UK have plenty of experience with putting customers just like you in contact with solar PV panel installers who are all old-hands at helping people get access to the grants and funding they’re entitled to.

And it all works incredibly simply:

  • You fill out a quick form to tell us what you’re looking for (in this case, solar panels for businesses – with business grant support)
  • We compile a list of appropriate business solar panel installers based on the installer’s reputation and professional credentials and both of your locations so they’re always local to you
  • You look through the options to decide which installer is right for you based on their reviews and where you can make the most savings
  • We then put you in touch with a commercial solar panel installer who is hungry for your work


Simply Compare Solar Suppliers with us today, and you’ll be put in touch with a business solar panel installer who can advise you further about the business grants that may be available to you to help you save on the cost of the installation.

Can Businesses Get Free Solar Panels?

It’s possible, but it’s not probable. 

By that we mean that technically you can qualify for enough funding to cover the full cost of a solar panel installation. But as a business owner looking for support for solar panels at a commercial premises, the full cost being covered by a grant is not guaranteed.

Covering part of the cost of a business solar panel installation, though, is a very real possibility. IF you know where to look…

There are small businesses that rely far more on electricity – due to equipment, laptops, lighting, etc – than some larger businesses. 

The best way to work out the size of the solar panel system you will need is to work out how much energy you use each year, and then opt for a solar panel system that covers your needs. 

What Business Solar Panel Grants Are Available?

There are a few different options open to you. You can find business grants for solar panels in many places, such as:

  • Industrial Energy Transformation Fund
  • Support from energy companies/your energy supplier
  • Region specific grants


For full details about receiving support from energy companies and energy suppliers, and region specific grants you’ll need to work closer with the installer we put you in contact with, as this advice is generally very circumstance specific. By working with a local installer, you’ll receive the best advice for your situation. 

Compare Local Installers with us today. 

We Save Businesses Time & Money

By comparing the highest-rated installers at the best price.

Industrial Energy Transformation Fund

With that said, the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) is a national, government led grant scheme for businesses that focuses on industrial energy efficiency.

It provides support for renewable energy sources such as solar PV panels, solar thermal panels, heat pumps, wind turbines, and other green energy sources designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on the national grid – so it’s certainly worth knowing a little more about so you can ask your installer if you qualify for support. 

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the IETF is the fact that the UK government has recently announced that IETF will have a Phase 3 of funding offering an additional £185 million in support to businesses moving to a greener future. The scheme is expected to launch in early 2024. 

Below are the most relevant points about the scheme:


To help businesses with high energy usage cut their energy bills, high energy costs, and carbon emissions with the support of low carbon technologies (including if a business wishes to install solar panels).


You must be a relatively large business whose upgrades to business solar would make a real difference to the amount of carbon emissions being produced. You must also produce a proposal to highlight how your solar upgrades would make a difference and reduce a significant carbon footprint.


Grants can be rewarded for anything from £30,000 to £30 million depending on the scope of the project and the proposal you’re putting forward.


Other Financing Options

Although not technically a grant, if you don’t qualify for IETF, local grant support, or a grant from your energy company, then it’s worth knowing about these additional financing options that could help you get business solar panels: 

  • Private financing 

  • Power Purchase Agreement – if your energy use and roof space meet the criteria of the PPA provider, then you could qualify for a PPA where the provider owns the solar panels on your roof – covering solar panel prices and installation costs. You then enjoy much cheaper energy bills and the benefits of solar, without having to worry about the upfront cost or maintenance. Installing solar panels this way isn’t like with other solar panel schemes and grants, because you don’t become the solar panel owners, but it certainly works for some businesses.

  • Annual Investment Allowance – this is applied to ALL solar panel purchases, allowing you to deduct the full value of your new solar system from your profits before tax, essentially making the investment 19% cheaper. 

Save up to 46% on your energy bills.

Energy independence

Reduce your carbon footprint

Why Choose Business Solar UK?

Working with us will save you time and money whilst also ensuring you’re being put in touch with the best local solar installers near you. Compare Solar Suppliers with us today and we’ll put you in contact with business solar installers who can further advise you about any grants or funding you may be entitled to.

Some of the Suppliers We Compare

Our Commercial Packages

We provide bespoke system designs for every business, based upon your energy usage and rooftop availability. To give you an idea of the savings and cost of a system, the below are some of our common system sizes.

50.1kW Solar PV System

Ideal for office buildings

Save £10,561 per year

From £45,000

110.1kW Solar PV System

Ideal for warehouse buildings

Save £23,396 per year

From £96,300

250.7kW Solar PV System

Ideal for manufacturing plants

Save £53,275 per year

From £212,500

501.4kW Solar PV System

Ideal for distribution centres

Save £106,549 per year

From £418,600

All savings are based upon a solar generation yield of 850kWh/kWp installed per annum, with usage of 71.43% of solar energy generated, assuming a 35p/kWh electricity import rate. Savings may change year on year dependent upon weather conditions, energy prices and system degradation in line with warrantied output.

How it works

With just a few simple steps, we’ll suggest the right solar package for you

1. You answer

A few questions about your business and your solar energy needs.

2. You pick

A package that is tailored to you.

3. We connect

We connect you with local installers and any available grants to you.

Business Grants For Solar Panels FAQs:

Yes, there are government grants available for business solar panels, but these grants change frequently and open and close for applicants seemingly on a whim. 

What we’re trying to say is, the best thing to do to keep up to date with the different business grants for solar panels is check back here, or compare solar installers with us who will all have a customer service team that can advise further about the latest grants and funding options. 

  • Lower energy bills 
  • Reduced carbon emissions 
  • Receive small payments via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme
  • Energy independence 
  • Energy security 
  • Better brand reputation


And to get started, all you need to do is compare solar suppliers with us today!

ECO4 (the energy company obligation scheme) is a solar panel grant designed to help homeowners buy solar panels to reduce carbon emissions and fight against rising energy costs.

As such, the ECO scheme isn’t relevant to businesses looking for solar panels.

The ECO scheme supports homeowners who are considered to be experiencing fuel poverty in homes with poor energy performance to increase energy efficiency and who are low income households.

Even small businesses and small business owners won’t qualify for ECO support, even if the buildings they operate out of have poor energy performance certificate ratings.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) replaced the feed in tariff as a way for both homeowners AND businesses to earn extra money when they generate energy themselves through solar panels.

Generally, the electricity generated by your solar panels can’t all be used in a day – so, with a solar battery and an installation from an installer registered as part of the microgeneration certification scheme (MCS), you could qualify for SEG.

Although not technically a grant, you can get paid a small amount for selling your excess energy back to the national grid through your energy supplier.

And selling this energy over time could mean you eventually earn enough through SEG payments and energy bill reductions to cover the upfront costs of the solar panels to begin with.

All businesses – from small to medium sized businesses to large corporations can benefit from switching to solar now.

In the UK, the government is moving towards a target of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, meaning every business and home in the UK will need to move to clean energy as their energy source as quickly as possible.

One way of doing this is to generate electricity for your business using solar panels.

Currently, there’s a certain amount of pressure from the UK government on larger businesses to switch to green electricity and renewable energy where possible. It follows that small and medium businesses will start to receive pressure as 2050 comes closer.

So, switching to solar early could be a smart business decision to get ahead of the competition.

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We save you on average 46% when investing into Solar for your organisation.

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Your business is keen to reduce electricity bills


Your business wants to produce its own energy


Your business wants to be seen as more eco-friendly.


Your business owns the premises, with your own roof space

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How can I pay for Solar?

When it comes to commercial solar, there are a few ways to purchase your system, we’ll help to guide you through your options.


Using the Annual Investment Allowance, you can deduct the cost of your system against corporation tax.

Asset Financing

Spread the cost with asset financing and use your bill savings to pay off your annual loan repayments

Outright Purchase

Purchase your system outright, for the best return on investment

Find your local

Solar Business Fund Partner

We save you on average 46% when investing into Solar for your organisation.

We will check if you qualify for any incentives or grants

Match to a local company hungry for your work