Solar PPA – Zero Upfront Investment

Switch to solar energy without spending a penny upfront. Our Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) means we cover the entire cost of installing and maintaining the solar panels. You only pay for the electricity you use, at a rate typically lower than your current energy supplier.

It takes only 3 minutes or less...

"An incredibly smooth install... the on site crew were professional at all times and made short work of a complicated install... I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."


Helping Achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

Get solar panels with no upfront costs

Enjoy some of the benefits of solar panels without the upfront cost. Using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) you’ll be able to get solar panels installed on your business premises and enjoy cheaper electricity.  

You’ll also enhance your green credentials by reducing your carbon footprint and become a more sustainable company. Depending on your length of contract, you may even be able to take ownership of the solar panels because you will have effectively ‘bought’ them over the term of the PPA.  

How does it work?

A PPA essentially allows your business to enjoy the benefits of a solar installation without  having to fund the installation. Just rent out your roof space for solar panel use, and then purchase discounted solar energy from the solar panels on your roof. 

You’ll purchase energy at a pre-negotiated price, giving you price certainty over the period of your PPA. While you will still be paying for electricity, it’ll be much cheaper than the electricity bills you are paying now. 

Energy Independence.

Generate your own free solar energy and sell what you don’t use back to the grid.

Save up to 46% on Energy Bills.

By generating your own solar energy your business can reduce energy bills by up to 46%.

Reduce carbon & Go Green.

Use a source of clean energy to power your business reducing your carbon footprint.

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Business Grants For Solar Panels

Business Grants For Solar Panels