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What Solar Panels Capital Allowances Are Available To Me?

As a business who is investing in solar panels, you’re entitled to a capital allowance that provides you with a tax break. This is to encourage more businesses to switch to renewable, green energy to help the UK government move towards their target of Net Zero by 2050. 

You can’t claim multiple capital allowances against the same solar panels, but you could be entitled to one of the following capital allowances:

  • 50% Special Rate First Year Allowance
  • Annual Investment Allowance 

What Is The 50% Special Rate First Year Allowance?

IMPORTANT: The 50% Special Rate (SR) first year allowance can be claimed on solar panels purchased for your businesses. 

How The 50% Special Rate First Year Allowance Works

To claim the 50% SR first-year allowance you’ll need to have bought new and unused solar panels – second-hand installations aren’t covered here. This lets you deduct 50% of the cost of your solar panels from your profits before tax. 

What Is The Annual Investment Allowance?

Perhaps the most relevant capital allowance for solar panels for most people is the Annual Investment Allowance. Better yet, the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA), allows you to deduct 100% of the cost of a solar installation from your profits, effectively making the installation 25% or 19%, cheaper for your business depending on your company profits. AND there are no date limitations as with the 50% SR allowance, so this will be a much better capital allowance to claim for most businesses. 

Worked example - See how much you could save!

Below we’ll work through an example (based on a company paying a Corporation Tax rate of 25%) to show how much the 50% SR could save you on the cost of installing solar panels at your business. 

Profit Before Tax£600,000
Corporation Tax (25%)£600,000 x 0.25 = £150,000 (you would pay this in taxes)
Solar Investment Cost£50,000
50% SR First Year Allowance Deduction£50,000 x 0.5 = £25,000 (your 50% capital allowance)
Profit – 50% DeductionTo work out your new profit, you take away the capital allowance deduction from the total profit: 
£600,000 – £25,000 = £575,000 (your new operating profit)
New Operating Profit Corporation Tax £575,000 x 0.25 = £143,750 (the new taxes you would pay)
Tax Savings With 50% SR AllowanceTo work out how much you’ve saved in tax relief, simply take away the new tax you’ll pay from the old taxes you would have paid: 
£150,000 – £143,750 = £6,250

Since you’d be making savings of £6,250 through tax relief and capital allowances, you would actually only be paying £43,750 for the solar installation (£50,000 – £6,250= £43,750). That’s a significant saving! 

Energy Independence.

Generate your own free solar energy and sell what you don’t use back to the grid.

Save up to 46% on Energy Bills.

By generating your own solar energy your business can reduce energy bills by up to 46%.

Reduce carbon & Go Green.

Use a source of clean energy to power your business reducing your carbon footprint.

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Business Grants for
Solar Panels & EV Chargers